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how do I enable Javascript on my hp ipaq?

It says to use the top tool bar and there is no top toolbar -- now have it synched with pc and still can't figure it out

It sounds like the prompt you are getting that advises you to use the toolbar prompt is a web page trying to install an ActiveX control. However if the control is not compatible with Windows CE/Mobile and your hardware it will not install. Question is do you get the prompt going to the page in Windows? Is it an ActiveX control? JavaScript itself should run without a prompt unless the security is set to high so that is what leads me to believe it is likely ActiveX not JavaScript. And most ActiveX controls are Windows only compatible not CE/Mobile. You might add a comment with the specific website you are trying to connect to and after looking at the page I can tell you for sure.


Wow! I'm a Chinese,also I couldn't understand what you said clearly. But I could guess the meaning,it is about a safe level question,isn't it?
Forgive me for the grammatical mistakes´╝îthank you!

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