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What is the cost to Buy Product Key Online for Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007?

I have already tried converting Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 using my product key printed on the paper sleeve that holds a hard copy CD of Microsoft Works 8.5 and Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 Trial that was included when I purchased my laptop. When I open Word to check for activation, I still see an expiration date of August 31, 2008.

Go to tools in your browser / go to update microsoft windows / type wga into the search bar / click the top link / click the top right hand link on that page and it should fix the problem after installing windows genuine authentication tool


If you already have a product key you do not need to purchase another one.

Literally Speaking ™:

Trial key only lasts for a certain time then you MUST purchase a FULL key.


If you want to wait for the release you will soon be able to purchase a subscription to a service called Equipt through Microsoft which costs approximately $69.00 a year and can be installed on 3 computers in your home. The benefit to doing this is when an upgrade is available to the Office Programs you will get the update for no additional cost so you will always be running the most current software release.

If you are happy with what you have then you can make the purchase of the product code as Literally Speaking has noted.


Hi Mindy! Thanks, I was just reading MSN technology and thought it was a great service too! Do you know the date Microsoft might be launching the Equipt service? Suse.


I am watching for this myself and I will take a look around for you. If I find something I will be back to let you know... Last I heard something was going on this month but I do not know if it was a release date or not.


Hi Mindy! Wow! Thanks, I am really interested in this product. This is exactly what I was searching for because my Microsoft Office Home and Student Trial expires August 31, 2008. Jess.

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