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What fee or % does a Real Estate agent typically earn on the sale or purchase of a family residence?


Fees are negotiable at the time of listing. Generally, "full service" brokers will charge a 6% to 7% listing commission (but it can go higher) -- with half going to attract a buyer's agent.

The individual agent may receive 40% (very low) to 70% (common) to as much as 100% of the fee paid to either broker (less advertising and a transaction fee assessed by the broker's office) and any income taxes collected.

Discount brokers may charge 4% to 5.5% with half of those commission fees (or more) going to the buyer's broker. Full service agents hate discounters.

Listing broker's that say they charge "1%" (very misleading) will assess advertising expenses to the selling homeowner, and require that the buyer's agent collect their fee from the buyer, so the total will still amount to 4% to 4.5%.

Bank REOs (foreclosed properties) generally pay no more than 5% which is usually split between listing and buyer's brokers for further division. Property management fees and other expenses such as utilities are also collected from the listing broker. (Which is why I move them FAST!)

In a dual agency role, the listing and buyer's broker commissions ALL go to the listing broker. Some agents will reduce their fees (as I do) when acting as a dual agent, as a show of good faith to the buyer.

Facilitator fees can run a flat fee or as much as 2% of the sale. I will not facilitate a FSBO transaction for less than $1000 or 1/2% of the sale, whichever is greater.

Buyer bonuses ("$5000 if closed by ...") may come from the listing agent's commission or assessed to the seller. No hard-and-fast rules on this.

Your mileage may vary. ;-)

POP QUIZ: In a sluggish market, you receive three offers to list your house (HIGH, MEDIAN, and LOW). With which do you list your home?
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If the list and sale are from the same company, typically it is 6 percent of the sales price. But there are so many different types of "real estate" companies now like "for sale by owner" and "help you sell" and even some agents, like from Re/max, can change their commission fee to get your listing.

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