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How can I stop my Windows Browser from opening multiple browser windows nonstop when I am on-line?

This happens seemingly for no reason, I can go to any Website (i.e., my work website, CNN, or anything) and suddenly out of nowhere many browser windows will open continuously, usually to the point of my not being able to use the browser b/c it continually opens new windows. mostly they are just advertisements, but it effectively shuts me down.

I appreciate your note, but I did work that route and while they 'pop-up's' are blocked (based on the little note telling me in the corner, the numerous new browser windows just keep opening. Imagine opening a website, such as this one, you are writing this comment, and suddenly you see Entertainment-online pop up, followed by a dozen more windows open in rapid succession. I also tried changing my settings, but to no avail. Next I'm going to download the upgraded version of Ad-Aware and see if it can help.


If you are using Internet Explorer 7 or later, then you can go into Tools/Internet Options and click on tab settings. There you can decide what to do with popups. If you're using Mozilla Firefox, then you should go to Tools/Options and click on the tabs folder to do the same. There are a number of ways to battle this problem, though.


Get a pop up blocker. MSN, Yahoo, Google, etc. usually all have their own versions you can download for free.

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