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Is there some way to find the results of a microsoft safety scan after it has been closed out?

I thought of turning back time, but when I restart will it be there since I don't know if it is on start up or not? I searched it and did not come up with the right results. A link would be appreciated if there is one.

I'm guessing the answer here is NO! and NO!


ok found it just in case anybody has a better answer or is looking for the same answer the answer I found was to look in the system event logs


I have used the safety scanner many times, and can say there is no way to view the results if you have already closed the browser after the scan.


If you are restoring a previous Restore Point, it will have no effect on the records stored in those records on the Microsoft site.

If you are using the beta Vista version, you will have to reinstall the local components unless your Restore Point falls after your prior installation of the OneCare Safety Scan for Vista.


thanks for that reinstall restore point info Scott

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