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Are advertisements generally considered offers

This is a business law question

Yes be careful. An offer usually has other strings attached. Read the fine print!


Advertisements are generally considered "invitations to treat" or invitations for the world at large to come and make an offer to purchase. Ads may even set a price that the seller is likely to accept for his goods. Ads are a way of saying "make me an offer, I am willing to trade." For example, a customer enters a store and gets a soda out of the cooler. He then walks to the register and presents the soda to the counter to pay for it. The customer can't force the store to take his money and sell him the soda. The customer is an offer to buy the soda and the store still must accept the offer. The store accepts the customer's offer to buy the soda when the store accepts the customer's money in exchange for the soda.
For an advertisement to be considered an offer it must be very specific and detailed, clear, definite and explicit and leave no room for negotiation. For example a customer enters a store and picks up a soda and takes it to the counter to pay the advertised price of $.50. The store owner then says "I'll sell the soda to you for $.45" (a counter-offer.) The owner's counter-offer then becomes an offer to sell the soda which the customer can accept, refuse, counter-offer or walk away. The customer says "OK I'll take your offer" and hands the owner $.45. A legal contract was formed because it met all the elements: 1. Offer 2. Acceptance of the offer 3. Agreement by the parties (meeting of the minds) 4. Supported by Consideration (something of value was exchanged for something else of value.) 5. Legal capacity 6. Legal in purpose

Wholesale sea shell:

yea of course there's all ways a scam behind every offer.

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