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How is Information Technology involved in everyday business?

require as much info as possible. for a project. thanks

The increasing integration of technology into every day life, made possible by the proliferation of the PC and the Internet, lies at the heart of this trend. The three facets of Pipes - affordable broadband access and ubiquitous wireless connectivity, Platforms - low cost, simple to operate PCs and fixed or portable media devices with a wide range of universally available (and often free) tools and applications, and Content - search results, location-based services, downloadable multimedia, news and personalized micro-publishing, have already combined to destabilize the balance of power between technology producers, business users, consumers and the state. Think about how many people can not live without their cell phones, electronic game systems, electronic calculators, emails, etc. It is amazing how far technology has come and how lost we would be without it now!

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