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What do you think about Microsoft's new "I'm a PC" campaign?


I saw it during tonight's premiere of Heroes (which rocked btw). The commercial made absolutely NO sense. Not to me, nor my wife, nor my teen-age daughter. If everyone is a PC, then nobody is! It's not even good metaphor. Not long after that was an iPhone commercial - which was totally "hip". Microsoft is so square in comparison! It's got be be entrenched in the culture at MS. I'll bet the ad agencies pitched several good ideas that were shot down for "I'm a PC". They'll never get it.


Is that like um.....I ROBot? Or was it I robert. ...yes I do.


I haven't seen it. But it has to be better than that tiresome oh-so-clever whiny Apple guy. Bad ad campaign when the PC guy is much more fun!


The PC for all it's virii should be played by Gene Simmons, while the dork should be playing the Mac that can't seem to catch a virus.



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