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If you are supposed to work 5 1/2 hours ot and they send you home after 1 1/2 what are they to pay

I was wondering if you are supposed to get paid for at least 2 hours

They can pay you in percentages of hours, based on minutes.


Every Contry has different laws, Also if you happen to be in the USA then each State has different laws.
However going by UK law, your employer is only liable to pay you for the time you actually worked, this may vary in different Countries and I do not know the law where you are, I am figuring South Africa, am I correct?
South Africa laws are pretty much the same as the UK, paid only for the time worked, there may be other places that have a minimum 2 or 4 hour rule, these are mainly confined to some States in the Country of the USA.
Since you appear not to fall in that catagory then I cannot help any further.


If you were schedule to work 51/2 hours and they sent you home after after 1 1/2 you get paid your regular rate., but if you were CALL IN to work for, 1 hour your employer will have to pay you for FOUR hours.


1 1/2 hrs ot


one and a half hours overtime



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