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Sally A

What are some of the advantages of nuclear plants? I always thought they were dangerous,

you can tell me any disadvantages too.

i work at one and they are very clean and have many many back ups for every thing it is better than burning coal is better than hydro plants they cause erosion the only thing close is wind and u have alot of batt that need to be replaced every 5 or so years. the only disadvatage that is know of is the waste if the us gov would let us reuse the waste it would be very efficient

Sally A:

hi vern, was just pulling your leg before on your first question forgive me, how can you reuse the waste.


Waste can technically (but not legally) be used in breeder reactors, which then create more fuel (so you don't have to mine as much out of the ground).
If they made it legal, then we could reduce fossil fuel use even more.


They make me feel all warm and fuzzy.


list of dis price of real estate ,chance of a melt down, pollution, smell , unsightly towers, traffic,taxs,an more


There is uranium ore (uranium mixed with rock), just sitting in the ground. It's decaying very slowly, and giving off a little heat.
If you dig it out of the ground, and concentrate it, you can get it to give off a lot of heat, to boil water, to make steam, to turn turbines, which turns a generator, which makes electricity.
After you use it a while, it's less radioactive, and doesn't give off as much heat. You can basically turn it back to ore by mixing it with cement. You can dispose of it by putting it back in the mines where you got it from.
There are political reasons why we don't convert spent fuel back into ore and dispose of it in the same mines where it came from. Because of the politics, more dangerous disposal methods are used. However, technically, nuclear power can and should be very clean and safe.

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