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How do I resolve low PC memory so my scandisk will run if I have closed all unessential programs?

My computer says that it still doesn't have enough memory, I have even closed down my firewall protection and antivirus program, I only have explorer left in my control alt delete box. Are the updates eating my memory. I can't defragment or anything. help

in your contol alt delete box.. which is your windows task manager look at the processes. tab across the top.. that is a list of everything actually running on your computer. your performace tab will show how much of the computer is in usuage in a percentage. but the processes page shows your exe files.. if you have spyware.. it will use up a lot of memory. and spyware will not show up from a virus scan. you will need to check that with a spyware program. something though is running in the background. taking up memory.. also look at your virtual memory settings as well.. and increase those...


Your answer was the most informative. Thank you. But I dont see what your saying when I press control alt delete for the close program dialog box.

Paper Trader:

You may have a problem with your Scandisk program. If you're using scandisk, you're probably on Windows 95 or 98. Scandisk runs BEFORE windows boot -- or can be told to under startup options. that way, you have NOTHING in memory. You're running it from DOS.

-- If you're not in Win 95/98, then don't use scandisk
-- the low PC memory MAY be referring to temporary file space (i.e. pagefile, a portion of the hard disk used when physical RAM is all used)
-- check your autoexec.bat and config.sys files to ensure you have 'himem.sys' running. It's a memory manager that controls memory greater than 640K.
-- Windows XP does not need nor want an autoexec.bat or config.sys file. You'll get a lot of memory errors if they are not empty.


Thank you. I am using windows me, however my computer will not defragment it keeps telling me to use scandisk to fix errors.


I suggest getting more ram. It will fix that problem. Its not that costly either. 50-150 $ depending on how much you want.


How much memory do you have?. Less tha 512meg then I would suggest you get more memory, it's cheap.

Otherwise try booting into safe mode. Press f8 as windows is booting and follow the onescreen options.

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