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Andy, da man.

What qualites would you look for in a business manager?

I run a small capital and exports company and am in the process of moving from my home in western MA to Atlanta and desire to locate someone older and wiser to asist in my company's expansion. I have fibromyalgia and am looking to have a respit from the day to day because of such while maintaining my companies' growth. Many Thanks.

Above all HONESTY, it can't be taught and the rest can.

Andy, da man.:

Thank you. That is a concern of mine indeed.


IF you need Technical Consultation, Hardware, Software or advice I am 11/2 hours from Atlanta in S.C

The Oracle:

Look no further, here I am. For my resume, just run through my 6000+ answers and 3000+ questions, that should suffice. Familiar with fibromyalgia too. I do require my own corporate jet though.

The Oracle:
Andy, da man.:

Well, I do have a jet-ski. Which I believe is Russian for jet.
Will keep you in mind, thank you.

The Oracle:



Honesty, integrity and common sense...rare commodities these days...and someone who knows the local laws, as well.

Andy, da man.:

I have been researching several in the area, but, their youth concerns me. Many seem to either my age (26) or interns. I would prefer that whomever I am to go with to have a few more years under their belt.
Thank you.


Honesty, Dedication, Reason, Empathy. Should consider/offer feedback/suggestions as is important to teamwork in all levels of business.

That's what I would want in my business manager anyway.

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