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Why don't computers have a remote access feature that automatically activates your failing computer

to the remote access sight of your choosing upon such need ??(for major problems)

This is a nice concept but a few things that consider...
If a computer is failing and having drastic problems what is the likelyhood that it was be able to launch the application.
If this is a major problem you will most likely have stability issues, lockups and possibly not be able to boot to windows.
Just some food for thought and these ideas may be the reason you can't find anything to do what you have suggested.


A built in 2 hr ago system restore mode that under prespecified conditions trigger a time cache of 2hrs ago with details of what was the cause of such need with of coarse with some limitations of what solutions would be realistic but in the end result still a usable system .


Could be good. I would say that you would want to keep multiple points to restore. For example 12 seperate 2 hour inervals for the previous 24 hours and then 1 each day for the past X days.
Where would this restore information be kept? On the existing computer or elseware?


Interesting concept but I would say that this would be a big security risk and mot be acceptable to implement in any IT infrastructure.

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