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Let`s play a trivia game.

Which of the following is a host of the video game "You don`t know jack"A. Pete NicholsB. Josh WeinsteinC. James RolfeD. Dorothy "Pinky" AshlyE. Cookie Masterson

There have been many different hosts of You Don't Know Jack over the years. The following is a list of hosts and the games they appear in.
Nate Shapiro, voiced by Harry Gottlieb: Nate Shapiro, the first host of the series, is still quite popular todayHe hosts the first YDKJ, the Netshow, the tabletop game, and hosts for part of YDKJ: The Ride.
Guy Towers, voiced by Andy Poland: He appears in YDKJ Sports, YDKJ Sports: The NetShow, and part of the Ride. Poland also played 'Bob,' the host of HeadRush.
Buzz Lippman, voiced by Peter B. Spector: This host has appeared in two versions: Volume Two and The Ride, which he plays only a bit part.
Cookie Masterson, voiced by Tom Gottlieb: He is one of the most well-known of the hosts. He originally served as the sign-in host, taking down players names in the opening green room segments of Volume One, Sports, and Volume Two. He hosts Movies, Volume Three, The Netshow, the first Playstation version, part of the Ride, and Offline. He also was the announcer for the YDKJ TV show in 2001. He also hosts the newer webshows and daily DisOrDats that started appearing on the YDKJ website in December 2006.
Josh "Schmitty" Schmitstinstein, voiced by Phil Ridarelli: Josh Schmitstinstein, or "Schmitty", is the most recent of all the American CD-ROM hosts. He hosts in TV, part of The Ride, The Netshow, Louder!, Faster! Funnier! (a second Offline game), 5th Dementia, Mock 2 (the second PlayStation game), & 6: The Lost Gold
Jack Cake, voiced by Paul Kaye. The host of the only British version of YDKJ.
Quizmaster Jack, host of the German volumes, voiced by Axel Malzacher (Vol. 1) and Kai Taschner (Vol. 2, 3: 'Downward', PlayStation, & 4).
Troy Stevens, played by Paul Reubens. The host of the 2001 YDKJ TV show.


That pretty much ruined it for people who wanted to play.


I really don't think anyone wanted to play. By the way the answer is none of the above.


No it`s E

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