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Does anyone believe in reincarnation? Is so how could you prove your belief? If you do not believe

then what happens to our spirit/soul at the time of death? Are there any real examples of reincarnation?

I believe in it. There have been T.V. shows where people remember details they couldn't have known. The romantic in me feels that you'll find the person in the next life or they'll find you.

The Oracle:

I ws El Caro once, now I'm The Oracle.

The Oracle:

Yes, Carnation evaporated was powder see, and then it became reinCarnation milk.


Oracle of would think you could do better?

The Oracle:

Couldn't hep' myself.......sorry


lol that fine just kidding


the carnation flower blooms for the season...then the plant dies....or so it seems - coz next season, out comes new shoots and it blooms again! That is re-incarnation...from where the word supposedly comes - i dunno - this is what i heard...


wow what about humans?


Why Barnabas, I thought you were immortal...


i am sweetie - thats why i speak of flowers - not divinity!


Your argument is flawed on the account of assuming a soul exists in the first place.

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