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Are there any articles on a white powdery substance on shipments from Chinese ports?

We are a manufacturing company and we have received a container with our product, but the boxes are covered in a white powdery substance that is making the factory workers sick. I was wondering if this is a common problem or if anyone knew anything about this.

Notify OSHA, your local department of health and the police department, NOW ! Do NOT touch anything! Also clear the area of the container of any people ! NOW !


Correct. Wouldn't be needing to tell me twice.


report this now to your local health dept an authorities , but i think you are pulling my leg


Unc- in the case of truth- let us err on the side of caution...


thanks russ


Call FBI Immediately!!!


I would contact the shipper. Further questions would require contact with the appropriate local police department for recommendation on handling.


I can't speak to your particular incident but I know that shippers frequently use cornstarch as an agent to prevent binding during shipping.

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