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Auto insurance marketing ideas

Need catchy marketing ideas for to build auto insurance business in agency

First I would check with my carriers. Most have co-op advertising programs available to their agents.
Also I would check into buying good leads. My partner and just started buying leads and the results have been awesome.

We used a site called​fid=5944&camp=refferal this referral services was started by actual agents and works very well.

Goodbye, Cruel World:

Create a series of catch lines and tag lines such as:

Don't take a crash course in auto insurance. Learn from the experts at ....

If you are looking for auto insurance, you could ask the little old lady across the street. Or you could talk to the experts at ....

To see if you have the right auto insurance, just consult your crystal ball. But I prefer to contact the experts at ....

Ads like these get attention quickly and deliver the core message immediately. Follow it with contact information.

These are great for short radio spots like just before the weather or traffic reports.

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