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The Oracle

What will happen in the worst case scenario with oil?.....Say it goes to such an exorbitant price,

-for the sake of argument- like $25 a gallon-......will we invade the MidEast and just take it over?...We have a three month supply at best for emergencies. What will we REALLY do when the lights are out, the heat is off, the cars are parked, and so grim will this scenario become? What are the options (seems like none)??

With the congress that we have now nothing would happen but the doom you wrote about. But no war over oil. There is a brightening light concerning oil, you will be reading about it in the coming weeks.

Slap Daddy:

Theres is still plenty of natural gas out there, the US is a much larger producer of natural gas, than it is Oil, there is also much Oil we are "not allowed" to drill for because of environmental issues. There are alternative fuels out there, for the sake of argument IF there were an Oil shortage, which there is not, I assure you. it would push auto makers and Government to exploit alternatives much faster.


There is a lot of private research being done with alternative fuels and some of them are getting close to being a viable and affordable product, save what you can for conversion and or new transportation when they come.

The Oracle:

None of this will happen fast enough if there was a crisis or embargo tomorrow.


Hi Oracle yes you are right, tomorrow wont work in our situation, 2 years probably won't either and if it should happen we are in deep doggy do as people won't be ready to convert to natural gas as Slap Daddy suggests and it is not available for all applications it would be needed for either, past what I have offered I don't have much, do you have any suggestions ?


They claimed it wasn't worth while because it would take ten years to see a return on the investment, that was back in 1998...let's not make that mistake for another decade. Their alternative resource solution was ethanol...which can't even be added to gas in Alaska because it doesn't rise in cold weather and it's worse for humans than burning gasoline (think about that, worse than gasoline)


By the time that happens hell will be frozen.

Literally Speaking ™:

I have a natural gas conversion on my generator and can see how it could be easily adapted to my bike or car if the case may be, so this oil thing does not bother me.

We will quell environmentalist long before we invade a country for oil that much Is certain.


I do concur Literally natural gas is our most viable source of alternative energy we now have but most people aren't, prepared to make the conversion and it is not available for all of the application it would be needed for yet, many would be in deep trouble for a long time should the fuels we now use dry up over night.


Honestly, in the long run, twenty-five dollar a gallon gasoline would be the best thing that could happen. Getting this country off of its oil dependency is like getting a junkie off dope. We need gas prices to go sky high so everyone will start adopting the new technologies for home power and transportation. Having all our transportation and heat coming from oil is stupid and it has to stop. People need home power generators and plug in hybrid cars (or fuel cell cars, compressed air powered cars...or whatever....). Lower gas prices will only make the process slower...!!

?? Bethany??:

There are a host of options that are being invented on a daily basis. we shall just take the best one as a substitute and cruisseeee. It's a fact in the making.

A True American:

Well, the market is self-correcting. At ridiculous prices, the demand would fall so far that the prices would have to fall back down in order to generate demand again -- no commodity can stay so over-priced as to be unaffordable, because it's value is self-limiting. If no one wants it, it has no value. That's the beauty of the free market.

I can't see oil going much above $200/barrel. Much of the current price run-up has been generated by over-speculation in investments, and funds chasing the trend. It's (IMHO) very similar to the NASDAQ insanity of a few years ago. I can't call an exact top, but I do see a fairly large price correction somewhere in the future for oil.


Hi The Oracle, it won't be for sake of argument for long. Our gas has peaked. It's all down hill from here (I watch the History Chanell so I lie not) technically, given the need for fuel has only increased and will continue to increase due to the growing need and growing advancements in large populations, like china (which just 20 years ago, 80 percent of it's popluation rode bicyles and ooooooooooooo, what are those hoarse and buggy things called that chineese people used to pull each other around in......(really long anoiying pause) ....shnag high? that's not never mind. THe point is, is our fuel has peaked, the need for it is getting way bigger because of industrial growth in once underdeveloped that's why $25 a gallon is just a hop skipp and a jump away. :)


carpool or walk

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