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How can I start a nightclub in North Carolina ?

I have visited the Small Business Association online, but can not find the required permits and licenses needed to begin a Hispanic Nightclub. I could really use some help.

Hey Kat. My name is Kat and I am from North Carolina. I don't know everything but I know you have to apply for a business license to make sure the location is zoned adequately. If you are going to serve alcohol you have to apply for all ABC permits, if you are serving food you have to get a sanitation score that passes. You can't label it a Hispanic Nightclub or you are being prejudice. The fire marshal has to inspect the building to state the capacity and make sure all fire and safety codes are in order. It can be tedious, but in the long run beneficial.

George Washington:

Sorry you beleived me to be prejudice. The nightclub will actually have Salsa Merengue bachata Regaetton latin pop bolero and oldies. This nightclub will attract aliens from space and I shall receive them with open arms. I hope I was not coming forth as sarcastic. Sometimes the words prejudice, racist, and / or selective can be overated and to be quite honest, how would I explain in my business plan the music if asked what type is the named above. I may be outspoken but far beyond being prejudice. When I am wrong I am wrong. Sorry if I may have offended anyone.
Thank you very much for your suggestion


Go the city you want your nightclub in and find out what permits are necessary. The fact that it's a Hispanic nightclub, y the way, doesn't make any difference. I have to wonder what would make it Hispanic...? At any rate, put together a business plan...that's probably Step #1. If you're looking for a loan from the Small Business Administration, you'll have to be very oganized and very persuasive. Interview club owners in other neighborhoods that won't see you as a threat and pick their brains all you can. Get a job as a manger in one for some experience. Talk to friends and family about helping with money you'll need because it will be difficult to get a loan from the government for this venture, in my opinion. Good luck to you. It sounds very ambitious. And I wish you well.


Very carefully
You'll need good Bartenders good waitresses, Good Insurance, A liquor license,
a place that will let you open it and keep it in town because people will have to walk to it for two reasons it's not smart to drink and drive and they won't be able to afford the gas and the booze.

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