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I need to buy a new keyboard and mouse for my old computer, should I invest in a wireless combo?

The computer is really a fossil but it works great for a P3. The keyboard and mouse really didn't survive the move too well so I'm going to replace them. The kids really use it more than me since I use my laptop more. Is it worth it to get the wireless combo or just get something cheap until I replace the whole system.

Hi Jackie , yes its not mush of an investment , about 40.00 bucks go and by yourself a Logitech wireless combo. It works great.


Yes Jackie, you should definitely invest in a wireless laser combo. The convenience outweighs the very occasional loss of connection many times. Once you have wireless, you will never go back to that annoying tugging and tangle of a mouse cord.

When it is time clean off your desk, very easy.
Take your keyboard outside to blow it off, very easy.
Throw your mousepad away, you won't need one anymore.
No more mouse ball and roller to keep clean.

Loss of connection is rare. If it happens, push two buttons to re-establish connection. The batteries will last for months.
Buy a decent setup now and use it when you get your new PC. You will not regret it.


I have tried wireless and got so aggravated with losing the communication I went back to the wired ones. My kids had wireless and I go rid of those too. Way too much aggravation. You can get decent keyboard / mouse combos for virtually nothing.


I think you should get Microsofts Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000, it’s fantastic, great, reliable, and easy to use!
More Infos:​?pid=095


hey Seb, just wanted to say I LOVE your pic!!!
Huge Floyd fan here :)
Hey Jackie too!!! Didn't mean to ignore
Y'all have a good day


Thanks a lot =) I'll see you on the dark side fo the moon ;)

Karen sue:

if you want it but the good stuff because the cheap will just keep loseing a connection and you might end up throwing it ;)


I'd go with Logitech. I haven't had a problem with my mouse yet.


Hi Jackie, the only problem I had with wireless, was that I Had to keep replacing the batteries, so I went back to the hook up with no worries about batteries going dead.


The batteries on the mouse will not last for months.


the batteries will cost you a headache. just buy a cheap optical mouse and one language keyboard ALL WIRED.

Jeremy Klaxon:

I would go cheap until you upgrade the whole system...


i will suggest it is a waist to buy a wirlesscombo asthe computer u are using a old computer

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