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What do you think our economic future holds in store for us in the near future, after the election?

Gas gets the most attention but the fact is, that prices are rising in all sectors of the economy. The housing market is not looking good, basic services are on the rise, unemployment is on the increase and job growth is stagnant. Are there any bright spots in our economic horizon?

As fuel costs rise, the cost to transport ALL other goods will rise accordingly. This is inflationary and a very negative indicator.

The housing market is sending "buy" signals all over the place. We have probably reached the bottom of the correction in housing prices in many markets, so that is a positive indicator.

Basic services (including healthcare) is costing more due to government manipulation of the markets. The more that government meddles in any sector, the more costly and more burdensome it becomes.

Unemployment isn't even on the radar. I would become concerned if unemployment were to exceed 10%. So this is a neutral indicator at present. Increased unemployment is unlikely in the near term, short of a major financial panic.

One of the bright spots that is not being properly exploited is alternative energies (and I don't mean the calamitous Ethanol debacle or the so-called "green" jobs being discussed). We ought to bee exploiting the riches of ANWR and offshore, as well as increasing our reining capacity. This could halve the cost of gasoline in a matter of a year or less.. More importantly, it will buy time to pursue other reasonable sources, including hydrogen, to see if the cost-benefit is in line.

All in all, the immediate future is neither encouraging or bleak. Long term, however, if we continue to tilt at windmills (pun intended), the cost of chasing the "Global Warming Movement's" farcical fantasy will destroy the global economy and liberty as we know it will wither an die.


If I had that answer, I would be very rich! I am a optimists and I think things can only get better!


Even now the economy is growing, not as fast as it was, but could you imagine if we actually got fuel prices back down?


L:ive would be so much more appreciated! Nice to see a familar face!

Pretzel Logic:

I don't think they can get much worst. Hopefully sunny days ahead.


Only if we get Bush out, and keep McCain drom continuing his failed policies!

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