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Should oil be traded on the stock exchange?

What about government control of oil pricing (price ceiling) instead of private control (no ceiling). Which makes me instantly revoke my statement of privatizing the US mail. Greed would surely persuade any corp. to price gouge such as big oil .

Oil is traded freely in the markets in both the commodities markets and thru derivatives (futures contracts) where the price is truly dictated. Governments already influences the end result (e.g. refined products like gas) thru subsidies (e.g. China) and taxes (e.g. USA.) We do have countries with government controlled oil production, but they still compete with world public markets. You may think that corporations are "price gouging," but they are simply selling products at prices that the futures markets dictate. Until supply or demand changes, you're not going to see much improvement in price.


Oil is already bought and sold on the Commodities exchange. Government control of oil pricing will not work, oil producing countries will simply sell to a country other than America. The corporations would simply set up house overseas, they are multi-national.


The government is the problem they need to let then drill for oil


Heck no...then we would be paying $20 a gallon!

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