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is my hard drive failing

I am now using an acer notebook (aspire 3000) and recently, the whole system is acting weird. Its response time is normally fairy fast but recently, it takes FOREVER to open any files or programs. It is not unusual for the computer to freeze for 5 or 10 minutes when saving a simple document (office 2000-".doc")! Whenever i am doing anything on the computer, i hear this scraping noise- almost like something is off balance. I recently heard that acer notebooks are only built to last one year (not sure if this is true) and i have had this one almost a year, but the last two computers i bought from the store that i bought this one (desktops)... The hard drive crashed within a few years...... Do you think there is a chance that the hard drive will fail on this one to? Also, if the hard drive is failing, is there anything i can do to prevent it? (other than just backing up my files)Any help is appreciated.....

Try a defragment. Also try a tune-up scan from the online version of OneCare.


Also check how full the drive is, more than 50% full usually decreases performance.


WOW!!! I have two partitions, one is -for some reason- unusable (don't know why) And as for the other... Listen to this! 34.8gb out of 35gb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!! (seriously though, what kind of store sells a computer for $1500 if it only has a 35g hard drive)

PS someone else bought the computer... I would have bought something much better


There's your problem I think. Try deleting a few GB, or get a secondary hard drive and move some over.


Here's few things that you might try...

1. if your hard disk is failing, and you are using Windows XP or Vista you should see those errors in Event Viewer.

2. try to defragment the drives, if performance doesn't improve continue with step 3.

3. run a disk scan utility that will check the surface of the disk for physical damages to the disk (bad sectors). e.g. "chkdsk C: /F /R"

4. if everything checks out OK with chkdsk utility try to find a utility that will test your hard drive. There is in most new HDDs a S.M.A.R.T. technology that diagnoses problems with HDD before they die totally(read on smart here

4. if your computer is shutting down for no particular reason, then there is a good chance that HDD is failing.

5. if your computer does not restart all by it self, and there is slow performance try to turn on 32 bit access for the hard drive in BIOS setup. Consult your computer manuals for this...

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