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Chicago Lady

Do you prefer television or radio? Or just sitting at the computer for news and entertainment?


radio.... I enjoy the music and I get news too....

Chicago Lady:

Hi Mom, yes whenever I'm in the car I have the radio on...


when in my car radio,at night tv news and daytime qna

Chicago Lady:

Hi Rufus, a little bit of everything I see. Say, didn't you just change your Avatar? I Like it!!!!!!!!


i love the radio i'm really hyper by nature and when a song i love comes on i just start dancing around like an idiot

Chicago Lady:

Radio is definitely good for dancing around!! Hi Sabrina!


talk radio and right wing news papers.

Chicago Lady:

haha good answer, John!


radio because I think the TV news people concentrate more on how they can get good ratings a possibly win an Emmy

Chicago Lady:

You make a very good point, norcha! Sometimes the TV news personalities seem to be professional actors - a lot of high drama!


TV, I guess, but they both suck now. I often play my own music and videos. I have tons of it on disc and cds and dvds.

Chicago Lady:

Very good answer, Chi Chi! Sounds like you have a great collection.


Some would say an obsessive amount. I have over 1200 cds/dvds and a 400 disc cd/dvd changer/player. :)


tv blows - radio for tunes - computer for everything else

Chicago Lady:

Hi sum1Ls, Thanks for your answer!


I don't watch tv. I listen to the radio in the car. Read the news online and in my local paper. For entertainment, it's my kids activities, QnA and books.

Chicago Lady:

Hi boxermom, nice answer and I still love that face in your Avatar! :-)





Chicago Lady:

Interesting, yes when I am home I sometimes have the weather channel on or occasionally history, discovery or home and garden. Never seem to have time to sit and watch a program beginning to end. News all day is just a little too depressing for me...


All three!

Chicago Lady:

Hi PGJ! Thanks for your answer and welcome to QnA. Your Avatar and Name are amazing ...



Chicago Lady:

Thanks for your answer.

I will prefer Radio.
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