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Have you noticed how thieves are getting so creative these days?

Pickup-Driving Fuel Thief Gets Creative With Vacuum HERMITAGE, Pa. — Police have linked the large-scale theft of diesel fuel from a western Pennsylvania convenience store to a specially equipped pickup truck trailer with a trap door and a vacuum hose.No one has been charged, but the truck and trailer were found on the property of a man who owns a small asphalt and trucking company in Ohio, police said."It's a very ingenious way of doing things and I've never seen anything like this," said Hermitage Deputy Police ChiefThe trailer contained a straw wall that concealed a wooden partition. The partition hid a siphoning mechanism and an empty 15-foot long propane tank.Police believe someone inside the trailer would siphon diesel fuel from underground tanks at fuel stations by lowering a hose through the trap door and using the pickup's engine to power a vacuum that drew the fuel into the tank, Holiga said.
Samuel Deva:

Hermitage, PA, is nothing more than a country crossroads, that came alive, with the construction of route 60 from Pittsburgh, to it's front door... SO, nothing that happens there would come as "great shock" to me.... It's a nice "bedroom community" with typical ,ridiculously overpriced real estate and taxes to match...


They have some pretty brave thieves going through there. Wow.


I'd post what they are doing where I live BUT they got the idea from watching the news and what is going on in NYC. Honestly, I'd hate the give thieves any more ideas than what they can come up with on their own. The answer, all locks have been checked and replaced at my house/shop, door replaced in one case, high res digital cameras in place, two dogs, vehicle parked in the shop and toss the coin as to which I can/will grab first, the bow or the riffle. So much for a quiet little town we live in, entire propane tanks have been stolen. The sheriff's department is working over time with no end in sight.

It's sad, we never used to lock our doors even if we went away, now everything is locked.

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