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Need help finding where to repair/take off info on cassette which wripped during dictating..Thanx

Microcassette - Maxell MC60UR

Normally cassette tapes can be repaired by unscrewing the bottom and carefully lifting the top off. You can then pull both of the broken ends of tape out several inches and snip the broken ends at an angle. Place both ends of the the tape with the same side up on top of each other (i.e. glossy side up). Get some scotch tape and place the tape on top of the overlapping pieces of the recording tape. Turn the patched tape over and use scotch tape on other side as well. Use your finger to smooth the scotch tape down on the repaired break. Use a razor blade to trim the scotch tape on either side of the recording tape so that it can freely be rewound. Now position the tape on the roller guides of the tape cassette and use a pencil or your finger to roll up the excess tape until it is tight. Put the top of the cassette back on and screw in the screws and it should be as good as new.

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