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Amazing guy

When is the last time you really looked forward to the weekend?

Are you a TGIF person? Is it simply the thought of not being at work or is it because your weekends are worth looking forward to? Or have you given up on weekends all together, one day is the same as another...

The one coming up in Sept on our 25th Wedding Anniversary.
Just me and the Mrs alone for a weekedn what a great relaxing thought.

Amazing guy:

THAT sounds wonderful Ski. I hope the two of you have a fantastic time!


ever monday morning

Amazing guy:

I don't think you are alone Rufus = )


nah not me... one is just the same as the others for me... I dont work outside my home so the weekends are just the weekends..

Amazing guy:

That doesn't seem right Mom, you should have a day that YOU can look forward to. Pick one, anyone and it is yours = )


nah im not really a TGIF person
im more of a

Amazing guy:

Is that based on work schedule or a love of Thursdays? = ) Either way, many happy Thursdays to you!


I always look forward to the weekend. Not because I have particularly exiting weekends, but for the simple reason I don't have to work. It's me time.

Amazing guy:

There is something about knowing you are not required to get up and be somewhere that feels soooo good!


last weeks are for me like never ending weekends,

Amazing guy:

a never ending weekend? hmmm sounds like life is a wonderful vacation for you!


When I had one off.

Amazing guy:

you must work weekends a lot. I would have a hard time with that. Especially trying to juggle motherhood at the same time. I'm glad to have weekends, even when they come and go quietly. Hmmm, maybe especially when they come and go quietly = )


every weekend or even weekday if it's spent to worship God I fulfill myself more than anything else.
God Bless.

Amazing guy:

good outlook!

Padraic McGrath:

Most Mondays. Though the last job I had-until the company shut down-was so enjoyable, I hardly knew the difference.

Amazing guy:

I understand the Monday reaction but you must have been very lucky or blessed to have had a job that you enjoyed as much as the weekends. So few people see their work that way.

Donald C. Huebner:

When I know I am going to be spending it with you!

Amazing guy:

= ) Sweet answer. Maybe one day it will not be such a rare opportunity to spend time together.

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