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with gasoline prices soaring, do you think that some companies

will start letting people work online at home? Some jobs are mostly computer oriented, and many could be done at home, with perhaps a once a week in-office consult. Productivity could easily be tracked. Some jobs that could be done at home are engineering/drafting, accounting/posting, transcribing all kinds of things. A little imagination might make at-home work feasible, and even save companies money in the long run... less office space needed, for instance. Any ideas or suggestions?

Yes I do and it's called Telework...My finace works at home 4 days a week now and only goes into the office 1 day a week...This has saved us lots of money in gas, clothing, laundry, maintance on vehicle, food/coffee etc...I believe more and more companies will let there people telework in the very near future:)


Wonderful QT. I wish more companies would think about it at least. What kind of work does he do? If you'd care to share.


I know of some companies that are going to a 10 and 12 hour work day saving commuting days.


That works. I know a lady who worked 4 10 hour days a week, and she loved it. Took Wednesday off for those pesky appointments one finds one needs during the day.


Yes it works, and you get an extra day off to do to-dos as you said.


That does not help add to our economy, we all need to spend. Spend way ore than we make. They will probably ask you to purchase an SUV before they let you work at home.



Samuel Deva:

sure, the companies will have people working "on line", that's "old hat"... but what the firm may not know is that the employee may be a friend or relative of said employee... "It's a hi - tech world" we survive in...


OH, I never thought of that. Dang, so many people cheating, drives me crazy.

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