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Carolina Chuck

Can any of you facebook user help eliminate my confusion on some things?


You do not have to accept any invites to see the results they want to share. For apps you don't have and don't want, you can accept the invite and still cancel the installation. Fortunately for all my friends, I have been screen capturing my results and adding the picture to my photo album so you can see my results any time without me having to keep the application. Some of them I do keep because they do pin the results to my profile. I'm thinking of not keeping any of those applications after I put the results in the photo album. As for the Green Patch... go ahead and sell as many plants as you care to. As always, feel free to hit the ignore on any of the invites and forwards I send your way. More often than not, I won't have that application anymore any way.


hi angel- yes it can be daunting at say the least..there is a group you can join to stop the have to invite 20 can use the X in the upper right to delete. don't know about the can be over whelming if you let it. just do what you want at your own pace. send gifts, messeges, stickey notes whatever to all, select all. i still don't get alot of it, but it is fun and try to maintain!


Hi Angel,
WHen I 'accept' the invite for a quiz, poll etc, I usually go through with it. When I get to the part that demands I invite 20, then I bail from it.
I just tested Green Patch and merely accepting and backing to the invitations page didn't make the plants show up. Could be a bit of a delay network wise.
In Scrab, the nudge comes alive only after a certain interval of the other player not responding. I'm thinking it's over 24 hours. I have 'heard' that players are using pokes to alert their opponent that it is their turn on Scrab.
Have you updated your Flash player to the latest by going to and installing from their site? Also deleting temp files could help.


I think you have to down load or add the actual quiz to your facebooks. Once you do that you can then pass it on to others.

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