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what are the importance of computer in education

importance of computer in eucation

Almost any job you get these days have something to do with computers. Even vehicles are computerized, therefore if you have no knowledge of computers, you will be totally lost as everything is being computerized.


Hello mark:

Computers are not the end all, be all, in education.

The computer should augment the instructor.
The computer should be used to reinforce the lesson plan.
The computer needs to maximize the students learning time.

The computer should be used to extend the lesson plan with Search.

The computer will help the students work as a group to meet the goals of the lesson plan in workgroups.



I agree with Nana, as the world grows more and more futuristic, the more computers will come into play. As time passes, humans will find more ways to get computers more involved in day-to-day life. In the future around the year 2050, everything may be computerized including every home, every job, and practically everything. However, I don't really anticipate that happening because in the 1960s, the creators of the Jetsons believed that this society would be driving in flying cars and wearing metal suits but did that happen - no?.

The Oracle:

Well, for one thing, they can help you form better sentences.

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