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If you were in charge of replacing entirely paper mail with e-mail for the Postal service, How ??

How would you attempt that ??

Replacing snail mail? I don't think you can entirely replace it! Junk mail could be eliminated in my opinion!


An electric stamp computer input port at every address instead of a mail box and free unless you use it then at the postage rate set as the price of a stamp .


It wont happen. I do not use my mail box to pay bills. actually I will not tell you all how I pay my bills. Plus that was a hoax years ago.


electronic port at each address a matter of time

?Santa's Helper?:

I wouldn't even try. There are some legal formalities that cannot be adequately addressed (pun intended) by email. Electronic signatures are still in their infancy, and received and sent emails can be altered, but there is no way around a signature on a piece of registered mail. If you read your mortgage or lease, you will discover that most of them dictate that certain kinds of communication must be by registered mail to be binding.


One port per address (free conection) , device to use to access(buy yourself), price to use same as postage stamp .)Crystal ball info :)

Literally Speaking ™:

I hope it never happens, because they are the ones that pay my bills.



finally will probably

Literally Speaking ™:

Not in my lifetime or my kids lifetime, but one day perhaps.

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