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HTML CSS Style Isolation or Reset

One of my website has a page that has a part is generated from user input. Users are allowed to input some simple HTML code like <b>, <i>...etc. One of the problem is that if a user input is incomplete (like <b><i>test</i>), the rest of the page (static content) will be affected (in the case be bold).Is there anyway I can isolate all HTML / CSS styles to that section of the webpage (maybe a DIV)? Or perhaps I can reset the style and apply new style on other part of the webpage?Any idea would be appreciated. Thanks!

in addition to the site that Scott provided check out great tutorials and reference site.


Insufficient information.

Containment is a function of how the page is designed and any other scripts may interact. Isolation using DIV tags may fix your problem, but without analyzing what all may be going on is very difficult to determine.

For further assistance with (X)HTML, CSS, XML, and other code, please consult the W3C ...

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The user input isn't actually "user input". It's a RSS feed.

[email protected]:
The user input isn't actually an "user input". It's an RSS feed. Thanks in advance.

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