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What's the purpose of checking your registry and how do you do this.

What types of things would I be looking for when checking the registry and can I fix them? If I am not using a virus scan how can i find the name and location of infected files? What is CPU and what is the best way to manage your processes if you are computer illiterate?

First, if you are an amateur you should not mess with the registry. Second you should have antivirus, firewall and antispyware installed on your computer to prevent infection. If you already have an infection you need to run the antispyware program and the virus can to remove it. They will do the scanning and removal for you without damaging your operating system. If you want to clean you registry there are numerous programs, some of which are free and you can download at CNET.COM downloads. Look up registry cleaners. The CPU is the central processing unit. That big Intel or AMD chip that is the brain of your computer. If you want to see what processes are running on your computer and you are on Windows, press control, Alt, Delete simultaneously and you will get the control box with programs that are running and a second tab on top that takes you to what processes are running on your computer. Be careful what processes you terminate as they might shut down your computer,


The purpose of registry cleaners is to eliminate unnecessary entries that may be vestiges of old uninstalled applications, duplicate entries, or even malicious links.

I trust very few registry cleaners, since there are so many that are actually malicious software themselves! One general housekeeping tool, including a simple registry cleaning tool, is Crap Cleaner. I recommend that everyone install it to purge temporary garbage to keep their systems running smoothly. You may download it for free at

I also recommend SpywareBlaster to harden your HOSTS file against common exploits. it is available from, also free of charge.


I recomend using TuneUp Utilities, it has a registry cleaner and a registry defragmenter, it also has a startup manager that will tell you which items are trustworthy and which are dangerous.


That may be all well and good, but it costs $50.

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