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In a large corporation, who has more power: The Controller or the Human Resources Manager?

Chicago Lady:

CW's answer is correct; they have completely different functions. As a former HR Administrator at National HQ for a large international company, I can say that both will be members of senior staff, but their duties are distinct.

A common example: Comptroller calculates bottom line profits, forecasts future loss, and recommends downsizing. That recommendation goes to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and/or Board of Directors - it all depends on how the company is structured. If downsizing is approved, the HR executive will form a strategic plan to implement the downsizing to meet the required $ cost. HR will determine how many positions, at what levels, over what time period, etc. Both HR dept and Comp office will work together to form separation pkgs, with $ that make sense.

As to who as more "power," they both have power, just over different realms. Comp controls money; HR controls people.


Controller handles purse strings. The HRC guy has a lot of horsepower.

Chicago Lady:

Hi, CW, great answer, nice to see you!!


Controller, unless your on the block.

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