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Men: What style of underwear do you like best? brand? and color? Explain why?

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  • If someone hung a pair of women's underwear on your car, what would it mean?
  • What type of underwear do you use?
  • How many of you like walking around in women's underwear??? I know I do.....
  • where can i find the news story of loads of running santas in underwear
  • are you wearing socks and underwear right now? what colour are they?
  • Why are women's underwear made of soft comfy material and mens made of recycled sandpaper?
  • How should I put Ventilators in Underwear for Summer?
  • What style of underwear do you like best? brand? and color?
  • Ok, this may be a silly question, but why don't pant size and underwear size correspond?
  • What is the ideal size of underwear for an elephant?
  • Is seeing your lover in their underwear a turn-on?
  • Should underwear be worn under your pajamas?
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