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Any tips on getting spilled candle wax off a shirt? I'd like to save the shirt if possible.

Thanks for your help!

Just to say thanks to everyone who answered with good tips from all.


I have always used the iron method to get wax off of clothing. I lay a brown paper bag over the spot and iron it. The wax will melt and transfer to the bag. Move a clean part of the bag over the spot and repeat until it is all out. The iron should be on medium heat. Works really well on cotton!


Doreen, your method got the job done for me! Thank you very much!


Try ammonia in warm water.


Thanks bigsteve. For some reason the ammonia scares me a bit.


Soak the spot with Murphy's Oil Soap for 10 minutes. Then put it in the wash. It works for me with spent aircraft grease.


That's a great idea, scottiejames 03. I'll keep it in mind. :) It's good to know it works on greasy stuff, too.




maybe. I'll try heat (as in the iron) first. thanks no 157.


Ditto.............ICE and lot's of it. When wax is cold enough---just scrape it off. Voila...wax off and shirt saved:)


That's 2 for ice. Thank you Kim. I think I'll go the HEAT route first for some reason. But if it doesn't work I'll try ice. And lots of it! :)

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