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Is Washington --- Congress doing what the American people want or are they doing what business want?

Are they acting responsible with the tax payers money? It appears that the elected officials of our country are running around with their heads cut of? We did not learn a thing from the pass for all the effort FDR put into government putting America back to work all it did was cloud up the system with corruption and failure after failure with limited number of success, it was the industrial sector that took us out of the GREAT DEPRESSION! We should be pushing toward introducing new small businesses into our economy!

I don't think Congress ahs a clue as to the most effective/honest way to use the citizens tax money.


I don't think they know what the sam heck they are doing. They aren't doing anything but apparently making a bigger mess out of things. I have been on the phone or the computer e-mailing everyone in my district house and senate.. We need an uprising from the American people to put a stop to this some now. This is our children's and grandchildren's future. I mean they have taken everything we have at this point, changed the rules without asking and now we don't have an investment in anything. AMERICANS NEED TO SCREAM---- BUY AMERICAN


Our government has become a thief in the night.


great answer


Ir they were doing what the people want they businesses would not be getting tax payers money as a bailout.

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