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Does your car require premium fuel? And do you put the good stuff in?

If you don't, do you notice any performance differences?

Depends on the vehicle, the owner's manual will tell you which to use. Some newer vehicles require mid-grade nowdays, I haven't heard of any requiring premium. I have a Ford V-8 and it requires only regular. If you use premium in a vehicle set up to run regular or mid-grade, you not only waste money but the vehicle will not perform as it should. Refer to the manual or call your dealer service department.


Oh lord it destroys the engine dude. NEVER put cheap gas in a Daytona Charger... it sounds bad, smells bad, and destrys the engine


I have three vehicles and they all run fine on regular gas. I think the larger the motor the more octane it takes. Two of mine are four cylinder and the other has a small eight cylinder.

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