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i have a business card on it is when i try to send an e-mail it wont take it

im not gd with computer but i cant get jobs if i cant type in e-mails
Gangsta tigger:

when it has www. that is a needs something looking like [email protected] for email


OF MY COMPUTER ? [email protected]


that is the business's website, their email address will have an "@" symbol in the address. try going to the website and looking for a "contact us" email address.


thanks steve, im struggling w/computer but looking for job
must have! [email protected]


The website does not appear to exist. Does the card have an email address on it? If so, send your email to that address.


thank you for looking that up J.B. IM GOING CRAZY WITH THIS THING. HAVE A NICE DAY [email protected] see i can do

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