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Has anyone bought one of those sweet Obama coins, or any of the memorabilia going around!?

Ooops, ...ahhh... I think I just had an obamagasm... hehehehe!

NO but I have my eye on some great Obama toilet paper! its scented too!!!


hahaha, do they have it? lolz


I don't think so but I could invent it.. LOL, maybe make a buck or two

Born Fool:

sounds like a marketing gem there.....


really, Its my idea you fiends! lolz

Smokin' Joe:

How about an Obama dart board?

Smokin' Joe:

They might have some collector's value, sort of like a stamp with a misspelled word or some other kind of mistake.


"Sweet" Obama coins. Why would I waste my money. If I wanted to commemorate the election of a marxist I would at least choose one that has the balls to come out and claim his party of choice.

One Twisted Child:

Not yet, although I will admit I have my eye on a black light full size painting of him done on black velvet. It's the eyes man, they seem to follow you....... :)


Do they reach your soul the way Elvis' did ?


yes, I threw it into a well and wished he would go away.

Lanny brownfield:

Wow... That's sad.


he sould be a peanut farmer


like Jimmy Carter




LOL no and will not. It is too funny.

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