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Maxim Puzin

How can we get a company logoed visa/MC that customers apply for and can use anywhere?

Much like other companies such as Wal-Mart, etc we are inquiring about getting a Visa/MasterCard with our logo that customers can apply for through that VIsa/MC financial company but perhaps get points or credits towards our services. We don't want to be the financial institution that handles the billing or even the credit portion of it just be the logo on the card and perhaps offer points/credits when they use that card anywhere to use at our facility. Please point us in the right direction.

What you want is called a "co-branded" card.

Visa's info:

Check out the provider's link at the bottom of that page. It lists the banks who're doing them and contact info for each.

Make Me The King:

I believe your bank can provide this service. Ours offered it to us. Our bank has a branch that deals with merchant credit accounts. If you are backed by your bankers they would be willing to help you because they would get the rewards.

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