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Has anyone else out there had problems with taking unauthorized money from your==>>

your bank account? How did you get rid of them? did you report it to the police or someone?

I also had a similar experience with my debit card; now I constantly check all accounts regularly. In addition to An American Citizen's advice, contact your bank immediately and tell them it was an unauthorized withdrawal.

An American Citizen:

Call the police, and report it immediately !!!
We had someone getting into our accounts through the debit card, and was caught when we noticed it on our monthly reports in the mail. Took about nine months to finally end. We were refunded all money that was taken. But still, it's scary how easy identity theft can be. The number #1 world wide crime.


Thank you, I'm planning on doing it tomorrow. It's been ten months since they started doing it to me, I just didn't notice at first because my sister was getting the bank statements. Dang it!


Ask the bank to flag any transactions from this company. You are in dispute and do not authorize any withdrawals for payment. Discontinue any affliation or membership with that company and let them know you are reporting their illegal transactions.


Thank you. I will do that first thing tomorrow morning.

Thessalonius II:

Contact your local attorney general. Go online and find out the number. Also, send them a letter, a paper letter telling them that you are aware of fraudulent action on their part and maintain a copy. That way you have more ammo to throw at them if litigation is necessary. Make sure to use authorized mail (U.S.P.S.) and also, instead of using one of those services, go with an attorney that specializes in finance. It will cost more, but, it is worth it. Go on to to get more info., she gives some ok financial advice for free.

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