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is it proper business ethics to pay labor before material in the construction industry?


wow. flashback. look out. i did a lot of construction on my house and got socked so bad. be really careful. check with the courts and see if they have anything on file on this person or company before you get started. i lost $25,000. the courts have public records. something i found out after the fact.


No it is not. If someone were doing a job for me at my house, for instance, a new roof....there is nooooo way I would be paying for labor ahead of time. A roofer MIGHT convince me to pay for the materials (the shingles) ahead of time, but only if he came with references.


...and delivered the shingles to my driveway before he sent the bill.


im with you steve. no workers no materials anyway. i would believe it is legal to pay the workers first and you should check that with a lawyer/solicitors before the money is taken if you can!


it is ethical for the contractor to pay the workers. as for paying the contractor it might be good it might be bad who knows


If you're dealing with a reputable contractor he should ask for 1/3 up front and doesn't get any more money till the job is done. The 1/3 is a commitment to the estimate (usually).

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