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M. L.

I Don't know how to fix this. The bar that has the time, hidden icons and start have relocated HOW?

I don't know what it is called so, i cant really explain. Help me find it. It comes up on the side of the screen. When i move my curser over there it comes up, how do i put it back where it was?

First that is the QUICK LAUNCH bar or TASK BAR.
You need to UNLOCK the TASK BAR by right clicking on it at the bottom and in the submenu click on UNLOCK.
The left click and HOLD and DRAG that Section of the TASK BAR back down to where you want it in the corner. Now go back and Right click on it again and choose to LOCK it again.

M. L.:

Ok, but now it wont stay there it disappears.


Right Click on the START button and select Properties from the submenu. Then click on the TASKBAR tab and uncheck the option to HIDE THE TASKBAR.
Now click on OK and it should now appear.

M. L.:

That done it, thanks. :)


when mine does that i can usually click on it and move it down, just like any other icon on the screen. But you have to click on it in a certain spot.

M. L.:

Thanks hotmomma, the little one was playing...she is always doing something i cant fix.


Hey angela try help and settings

M. L.:


Text ColorBackground Color
Ordered ListBulleted List
Horizontal Rule
Design ModeDesign
Html ModeHtml

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