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How much pestilence, and how many invasive species have made their way to America from China?

What about faulty products, or outright poisonous ones?What's the deal with that?


What's the deal with that? Easy, when you need your home repaired, do you get a number of bids, check contractor's references and make sure they are legal and insured, or do you just hire the cheapest bidder? When it comes to imported goods, American consumers tend to just hire the cheapest bidder. Rather than taking responsibility for the results of this, we demand that the government protect and compensate us when bad products make it to market. Not a great way of doing things, buying cheap junk encourages companies to make more cheap junk. The government has a poor track record at keeping people safe from environmental hazards. So far the results are less than satisfactory.


Too many that is why the government is holding a lot of goods from China at the border.

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