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How do you identify a false prophet and how do you handle them once you have found them out?


Pray about it. If you're in tune with The Spirit it will show you the truth of all things.

Handle them? I don't. Why do you need to handle them? Just don't follow them!


pray for babble, if he or she no longer makes sense then you know they r not a true prophet others will not understand them. If it dont follow the book then they r false. pray with others for the power of discernment.


It only takes one false prophecy to prove that they are false. How many self-proclaimed "prophets" still control their flocks? Far too many!

I can think of entire denominations that still follow false prophets.

You don't "handle" a false prophet, you ignore them. You might even berate them. Most importantly, as Linda said, you never follow their heretical teachings.


good answer linda i agree


That man who advocates that is a false prophet. While many of them come close, .... The reporter for the program asked, "Do you think Jesus would like this? ... - 30k


speaking of the spirit tonight i saw an deer and turkey at the same time almost side by side

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