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I understand that it is mandatory in Germany to have health insurance. What if you don't?

Or what if you can't afford it? Or what if you are a Christian (as I am), and have a religious objection to it? Only serious answers please...

You have no choice, if your income is less than 4013 Euros a month ($5890 approx) you will be forced to pay 15% of your income towards the governments own scheme ( if you earn higher you can opt out of the Govt scheme and take out a private policy) your employer will pay almost 50% of the total cost, but you have to be in one or the other, Germany is insurance happy and this is not the only one you are required to have, you will also need to pay 1.95% of your income on the 'long term care scheme' again, your employer will pay half this. you'll also need 'sick pay' insurance, dental and pharmacy insurance, personal liability insurance, accident and emergency insurance, home and legal insurance, add to that driving insurance and you can see a huge amount of your income is eaten up on these schemes. i suppose the best thing is just stay away from Germany!, you wont be missing much i promise you! *v*


wow! thank you so much! How do you know all this to be so?

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