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I have two hotmail accounts, one business and one personal. Can I have both open simultaneously?

I am forced to sign out of one name and sign in with the other name as only one name at a time is allowed as Live is presently configured. Please help

LOL check your e-mail for the reply and answer.. it can be done.


Use outlook
1. Start Outlook Express.
2. On the Tools menu, click Accounts.

Create a new Outlook Express account
1. In the Internet Accounts dialog box, click Add, and then click Mail.
2. In the Display Name box, type the name that you want recipients to see, and then click Next.
3. In the E-mail Address box, type the e-mail address for the account that you are using. For example, type [email protected] Then, click Next.
4. Under E-mail Server Names, click the appropriate incoming e-mail server type.

Note Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3) is the default type.

Then, type the names of the incoming and outgoing e-mail servers & Click Next.

Note Your ISP provides this information. If you do not know this information, contact your ISP.

5. Type your POP3 account name and password in the Account Name and Password boxes.

Note Contact your ISP to determine the logon type that you should use. If your ISP specifically requests that you enable secure password authentication, do this.

6. If you successfully create the new Outlook Express account, you receive the following message:

Congratulations, you have successfully entered all of the information required to set up your account. To save these settings, click Finish.
Click Finish.

Step 3: Configure the Outlook Express account
1. In the Internet Accounts box, click the new Outlook Express account, and then click Properties.

2. If you want to identify the mail account that you are configuring by a name other than the default name, type the name in the Mail Account box. This name is known as the "friendly" name for the account.

3. Click the Connection tab. If you connect by using a Local Area Network (LAN), click to select the Always Connect to this account using check box, click Local


Use different browsers.


U mean as in IE and Firefox.. one for each browser? not a new windows or tab right???


Yeah, two different browsers. Different windows will work. But they have to belong to two different processes. Which means the windows have to be launched from the start menu twice. CTRL+N will not work.

Steven Holt:
Hi Sweetness 34 that answer was perfect thank you!
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