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what age do you think a child or teenager should be before entering a chat room


I think a child should not go in to one. Let them go out side and be with their friends. Chat rooms are not safe. You have no idea who is really typing to your child. However if you disagree and are going to let your child in to one then you should be sitting right there with them to make sure they do not type any thing could lead anyone to where you are.
As for teenagers My daughter just turn 18 and I still do not want her in one. Of course she does go to one any way, So I had her go to a safety on the internet meeting. so she could know what not to type.


Any age is fine as long as the parent monitors the chatting, it is an age appropriate chat room and strict time limits are imposed. School work, clean your room, mow the yard and if time permits chat. It does provide the parent with another motivational tool.


errr.... theres no real point in going on chatrooms.. do you honestly think that the best way to meet someone is over the internet with thousands of possibilities of who you are talking to? GO OUT! talk to people up close. Chatrooms are dangerous, theres no point in using them


As a mother of 5 and ages are 16,11,9,7,6...Never.Do you ever watch the news?It is an unsafe world out there.If they need to chat,sit with them,make them use the phone or just have friends over.Please watch all activity on your computers.Perverts and murderers are looking for children to harm and once your child has been harmed,it never leaves them no matter how happy they seem.If they actually live through it.


13 for a chat room, 12 for a direct IM.


18 years old


My daughter is 14 and she goes on but generally knows who's she's talking with. I have given her awareness of the dangers and advised her not to give personal details to strangers..she's a sensible girl. She also goes out alot in big groups socialising

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