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Do you believe spanking is successful when raising children?


hel yeah, you gotta spank yo kids even the holy bible tells you so. if you do not spank your kids you do not love them. how i know the bible tells me so. ask a close preacher around your neighborhood. if you do not spank your child he/she will gow up and talk back, hit you,yell,slam doors, have sex at young ages, keep a lot of secrets from the paternts and many many more. take this to your heart. i spanks my gilrs all the time


Hitting children only teaches them that it is okay for them to hit as well. I have spanked my child only when it was a matter of him possibly hurting himself or another person in a very dangerous situation. I had the crap beat out of me on a daily basis when I was growing up and I can tell you it did nothing to make me change my ways. If anything it made me want to act out even more.


Good answer!


I agree with you suny. We have to stop the violence that surrounds us!


Yes, when used in overall discipline. Spanking is only used in certain situations. It is not the first alternative to discipline. It is always used as the last line.


hell yeah man , you gotta spank them bank them and rank them thats my motto .... you should go by it sarge !!!


Wanna trade households for a week? Pleeeeaaaassssseeee.... I never spanked my children. I was and have been to scared because with today's laws it is easy for a parent to be seen as a the offender rather than the child. I do regret that I didn't and wish I had spanked my children, regardless of the consequences. At least my point would have been established that these kids need discipline. I would like to see the state(CPS)coming to these kids rescue, who they protect to the fullest, present for the court hearings, paying lawyer fees and suffering the absence of the child. The state holds parents accountable for truancy and other underage crimes yet they create laws that dictate how we can and won't discipline our children. I am not saying beat the child to death but rather believe that how we discipline kids should be to our own discretion and not the states. I have a 15 year old, who has within 6 months cost me 8 grand and that does not include the recent added charges along with attorney fees. You tell me, after long talks, 3 overdoses on triple C's, endless psychologist, who he in turn ends up analyzing whether or not spanking would of been successful.






Physically hurt your own flesh and blood ? Little innocent children whom trust you and look up to you. I should say not.


no, I don't believe that Marv, a good method is the wall method, just put them against the wall whenever they exhibit bad behavior, with little ones u start small, of course as they grow more time, children really hate to stand still, I had one that whistled through her wall time, trying to psyche me out, they get smarter too,


My children have never been spanked!!!

My kids are also some of the best disciplined kids that I know who show respect to everyone. If you show violence towards kids, then they will show violence like in their marriage when they are older.


What about you Chas? You like getting spanked, eh? ;)


As a child I was spanked for doig bad things. I look back now and yeah I deserved every one of them. I also did the same for my kids. I do believe it is successful. My daughter is in a college prep school now and been there since the seventh grade ant the top of her class. That tells me I did something right.


I never got spanked, and I think all children need to have a healthy fear of their parents when it comes to disipline. No consequenses for their actions leads them to no respect for the parent. But.... unfortunately theres no test for good future parenting in people ,and too many bad apples have spoiled the spanking barrel. I think my parents should have used a heavier hand, butt (LOL) that just my opinion.


Absolutely not that is the act of a parent that does not have the skills to teach their child. All spankings do is hurt the child I mean come on, the parents are God to a child and you are gonna hit them. There are plenty of other ways to discipline them. I keep a open line of communication with my children and even allow them to debate with me the merits of their position and in the end it was a simple discussion between parent and child that settled the matter and it may have taken a bit more of my time but it is well worth it. Children need patience and guidance but alot of parents still have the theory "spare the rod spoil the child" in their minds because that is how they were raised. Others are just too lazy to take the time with the child and explain what is going on. I have no serious problems with mine and I've been doing it the whole time. With a 10 yr. old and a 6 yr. old. They show me respect because I respect them as individuals instead of dominating them. We have boundries they know are concrete and don't test but I let them explore those boundries.


I have applied all of the above reinforcements that you stated as a form of conditioning for the child basically what one might conclude is that spanking is attributed to failing in all these other areas or just not having time. I have time, plenty of it, time I spent in the E.R. observing the staff fill his system with charcol, 3 different times. I have sat in the psych's office and the child ended up analyzing the psych instead, telling the psych that he really needed to take a break and instead of looking into other peoples minds he should explore his own. I spent time driving around the city, viewing the grafiti and what lurked in that head of his. I have been a parent and not dominated them but I fear that my worst mistake was not spanking him. He has tested and broke all the rules and regardless of consequences he is fearless. He was never spanked as a child and now it's to late to apply spanking as an alternative to balance his behavior.


I was spanked a lot growing up and it did nothing but terrify me of my stepdad. Have of the time I never even understood why I was getting spanked. I think it takes more of a person to sit down and figure out what's going on with the child than to just whip them and put them in a room to cry. That's almost hateful isn't it? I mean, there are many ways to discipline and spanking doesn't solve a thing except that when it's over EVERYONE is upset. I think a child is going to be who they want to be and as long as lines are crossed, we should accept that. After all, they are only children and they are still learning. Of course they will act out and push your buttons, but you have to go about in a nonviolent way or that's the way they will learn to handle things.

Give Smart:

I think that different things work for different children. You have to go with what works for your child in particular. I do spank my kids and that works good - (I have well behaved kids) but I suggest if you do spank that you should sit down with them and explain to them why they are in trouble... My neighbor on the otherhand only puts her daughter in time out and that works for her.


Being an abused kid growing up I do not spank mine. I want to break the cycle of violence. Sometimes even bad attention is better than no attentin at all, meaning sometimes a negleted kid will act up just to get the parent's attention. I do the "time outs" and taking privleges/items away, but I try to focus more on rewarding my kids for their good behaviors. If they do what they need to do and behave then we will go out somewhere nice and fun on the weekends. If they had a rough week, then we will stay home and clean the house instead. I am not saying my kids are "perfect" but they are respectful and overall well behaved, they do have their "off days" just like the rest of us though.

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